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February saw the execution of a exhibition project that had been long in the making. The New Dowse was good enough to host a collaborative exhibition between Auckland’s Cut Collective and Wiesbaden’s Via Grafik. None of which wouldn’t have happened without the support of the Gothe Institute and the wonderful Lisa specifically.

Common Ground is an exhibition that explores two collectives with a shared sense of collaboration and similar but varying backgrounds in graffiti, street art, graphic design and artmaking. The result is a show that draws on elements from across the experience of both groups and mashes it up on a pretty large scale.

The entire show was installed over one week with invaluable assistance from the Dowse technical crew. Leo Volland was the sole representative for Via Grafik and carried out a huge amount in that time (and had the ensuing acupuncture treatment to prove it).

The show runs till the 17th of May so if you are in Wellington at any time make a quick trip down the motorway to see it, we’ve struggled to capture it on camera so see it in the flesh!

Cut Collective must thank the entire New Dowse staff (especially Leanne), the Gothe Institute, and Leo from Via Grafik for making it all possible.

Click here to see the Nightline story, and here for and interview TrustMe and Flox did with National Radio.

Check here for photos of the install and opening night (thanks to Peepshow for your photos). Cut Collective also took advantage of being in the capital city to see what was happening in town, check out here to see some photos.

And on the end of all that we painted as bus for the Cuba Street Carnival, check the rest of the photos here.

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