We here at the Cut Collective have teamed up with outdoor advertising company OGGI to collaborate on a series of artworks. Artworks on Billboards that is.

OGGI has agreed to supply the Cut Collective with Billboard displays that are no longer required. Once cleaned up we donate time and talent to creating something better for the community to see than ugly blank billboard sites, and save the skins from ending up in the landfill to boot.

To celebrate the first OGGI/Cut Collective collaboration, there is an auction running for the artwork with the proceeds going to Kenzies Gift www.kenziesgift.com – a charity benefiting the legacy of a brave little girl and her family by providing much needed support to those who find themselves in similar circumstances.

You can check this Billboard skin up on OGGI’s Billboard – site A91 – North Western Motorway Pt Chevalier. Keep your eyes open for more Billboard art from this collaboration, we don’t know where they might pop up next. The auction for the 1st Billboard in this series of collaborations can be found here.


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