Cut Collective has been working away on a new exhibition. The latest in the series of exhibitions titled ‘Public Access’. The first Public Access was held in Napier in January of 2007. For this, the 4th we are kindly being hosted by the Auckland Art Gallery (who are covering the install on their blog here).

Public Access essentially deals with the artists navigation of displaying art work within public and private spaces, removing boundaries around art viewing and looking at the role the gallery plays in the display of art. Our artistic backgrounds all have a common thread of street art and graffiti and this continues to inform our practice and influence our approach to art-making.

The show is open from the 20th of Feb and runs through to March 11th. CC members will be on-site most days during this time to continue to develop the works and we encourage you all to come down and check it out. The work is both inside and outside the space – hence the opening hours stated below.

PA FLyer

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