Cut Collective at Splore

cut_collective_splore-5Here is sneak peak at the latest Cut Collective Project.

Cut Collective and architectural graduate Jasper Middleton have combined forces to create a dramatic installation built and displayed for the Splore Festival at Tapapakanga Regional Park south of Auckland.

When Cut Collective artist Regan Vause (Peepshow) sought to push the envelope of stencil art application for the festival’s arts trail, he envisaged an installation of a suitable scale befitting the event and its stunning location.

“For Cut Collective, Splore is a perfect chance for us to push our own boundaries and take the opportunity to work with artists from different disciplines. In this case, working with Jasper, we are creating a painted architectural sculpture. This is something we have wanted to explore for a while now”

Jasper Middleton, a graduate architect working at award-winning practice Fearon Hay Architects, said the team wished to “create something that dually capitalised on the beautiful coastal setting of the festival location, as well as the fun, vibrant atmosphere on offer.

“We also wanted to provide something that took sculpture into the realm of the user, and provided a truly engaging experience that blurred the line between art and architecture.”

The resulting sculpture is a dramatic form that simultaneously functions as painting, sculpture, and building that will shelter its occupants and audience while creating a sense of intrigue for passers-by. “The geometry is deliberately difficult to comprehend from a distance, as the structure has varying degrees of visual permeability from each side it is viewed,” Middleton says.

The faceted, and interlocking surfaces of the pavilion create a sculpture that appears to be a site-specific work wedged into its environs. However, whilst complex in appearance, the structure has been deftly designed to fit together from a single component shape in order to minimise construction costs and ease the process of relocation.

Vause says “We have managed to produce an innovative work that can be packed down and shipped to a new site for further display, complete with a newly painted surface if need be. The flat panels present a canvas that can be approached however the occasion or site may require.”

This exciting blend of architectural design and art installation will be on display during the Splore outdoor music and art festival.



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