Enforce One and Component are contributing a piece each for an exhibition called “Shark Love” during August 2010 in Japan.

It is a fund raiser for a an Organization called PangeaSeed
for which Aaron Glasson is now volunteering on the creative side of things.
PangeaSeed is one of the few NPO’s to be actively working on Ocean
conservation here in Japan, which is kinda sad/ ironic considering
that Japan has one of the biggest fishing industries in the world,
openly hunts Whales, Shark and Dolphins, and pollutes the ocean to no

A little bit about PangeaSeed. Our focus is mostly on Shark
Conservation as 100million are killed yearly. Not only is it mostly by
inhumane “finning,” but such large scale killings of the oceans top
predator are causing big problems for the balance under the sea. Last
year we also worked on efforts to get “The Cove” shown in Japan (as
its banned here, if you haven’t heard about it check out
www.thecovemovie.com. More recently we just published Japans first and
only Sustainable Seafood Consumer Guide in an effort to raise
awareness about the dire state of international fish stocks. For more
info about what we do check out www.pangeaseed.com and click on

Join PangeaSeed August 12-18 as we celebrate SHARK
LOVE at Gallery T in Enoshima.
SHARK LOVE is a non-profit art exhibition featuring original works
from world renowned artist such as Dave Kinsey, Kozyndan, Haroshi, and
many more all coming together to spread the love for one of the
world’s most misunderstood and important animals.
One hundred million sharks are killed every year.  Find out why and
what you can do to save them @  www.pangeaseed.com
PangeaSeed presents SHARK LOVE in collaboration with US for Okinawa,
Sideroom.com, and Parties 4 Peace.

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