The Cut Collective is five like-minded individuals with varied personal histories in art making. After working spontaneously and informally together over a number of years the Cut Collective was formed in 2006 to add an element of permanence and recognition to this ongoing collaboration.

Cut Collective’s practice ranges from commissioned artworks to gallery exhibitions, public murals, commercial design and illustration and apparel.

The Cut Collective has an inclusive philosophy, recognizing the value in collaboration and actively promotes this through its working relationships with other artists.

While comprised of four central artists, Component, Enforce1, TrustMe,Peepshow and Ithink, the Cut Collective maintains an ever-present state of flux with others joining the group as projects emerge and evolve.

They have cultivated relationships with artists based in New Zealand, and the rest of the world.

They believe accessibility is key in their role as an art collective; involving others, teaching others and establishing dialogue in a community. It is from this belief that much of Cut Collectives public art activity stems.

They have been involved in many different exhibitions and have in the last three years completed significant projects at The New Dowse, the Auckland Art Gallery and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

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